The Netherlands.

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Pure exuberance.


Pure exuberance.

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Adventure mobile.


Adventure mobile.

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Anonymous asked:
Have a nice time!! xx

Thank you! I will :) xx

I’m in San Francisco!

I’m in San Francisco!

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Have you ever: 
1. Skipped class? Yes
2. Done drugs? No
3. Self harmed? No
4. Drank? Yes
5. Shoplifted? No
6. Gotten a tattoo? No
7. Broken up with someone? Yes

What’s your favorite: 
8. Show? Orange Is The New Black
9. Movie? The Hunger Games
10. Song? Who You Are
11. Tumblr? is the tumblr I reblog and like the most from
12. Singer/Band? Ellie Goulding
13. Memory? When I used to play for the Dutch national team (under 12 under 13 etc.)
14. Book? My year in a women’s prison

This or that: 
15. Invisibility or Ability to fly? Ability to fly
16. Cookies or Cake? Cookies
17. Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
18. Movies or Books? Movies
19. Coke or Sprite? Sprite
20. Blind or Deaf? Deaf
21. Tea or Coffee? Tea

What’s your: 
22. Age? 18
23. Sign? Taurus
24. Height? 5’10
25. Sexual orientation? Lesbian
26. Shoe size? 40
27. Religion? Atheist
28. Longest relationship? 1 month

Opinion on: 
29. Gay rights? Are human rights
30. Second chances? It depends
31. Long distance relationships? Why not?
32. Abortion? Should be legal everywhere
33. The death penalty? Hmm. No
34. Marijuana? I don’t care
35. Love? Best feeling ever

Do you: 
36. Believe in ghosts? No
37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it? Turned away from it
38. Sleep with the door opened or closed? Closed
39. Love someone? Of course. But I’m not in love.
40. Still watch cartoons? Sometimes
41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No
42. Like yourself? Yes